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 From Poland to Germany


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 17 Şubat 2010

 Ucuza Uçmanın Yolu Ryanair..

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From Poland to Germany

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From Poland to Germany

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You Crazy!

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Simple Times

Simple Times

These days I’m trying to add some pictures and write something about what I saw, felt and thought in different countries

Just a week ago I started to do something for my blog; especially for architects, architecture students, people who are interested in new cities, places, countries and pictures.

When I’m adding some pictures and writing something, I really am realizing that there were some places where I was happier.

The first country is Poland. I have a simple reason for this, because Poland wasn’t for a travel only, I’ve stayed there for a year and studied architecture as an exchange student. I met friends who made my life better, and I had also my home even though it was small. I had a great time with some people from all over the world. Normally Bialystok isn’t the best city there, but it was my best for sure.

The second is Holland. Amsterdam is simply amazing. People can try marijuana there and it is not illegal unless you are under 18. (To be honest I didn’t try it although all my friends tried.) Almost all the men were curious about Red Light District in Amsterdam. We were surprised when we saw some women showing their bodies. Amsterdam is mostly known with marijuana and Red Light District by many people, but I invite all the people to know and see its beautiful places and architecture too.

The third is Finland. I always like this country with its nature, modern architecture and people. Turku was a really nice city. I started not to feel my finger because of cold in Helsinki. It was -15 degrees while I was praying for my finger to feel it one more time. In Turku there was a library that became a home and roof for me. By the way #PrayForMyFinger

The fourth is Canada. I have been to Toronto for 3 months, also I went to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Quebec is one of my favorite cities ever. And Toronto was also nice with Tim Hortons making me addicted to French vanilla coffee. After coming back to Turkey everything became normal again.

The fifth is Sweden. I was in Copenhagen, Denmark and went to Malmö, Sweden. To be honest Copenhagen is better than Malmö as a city. Even today I really don’t know why I liked Malmö so much. Of course it is a nice city, but it is not better than other European cities for me. But Turning Torso is really great and making Malmö different than others.

The sixth country is Czech Republic. I went to Prague, it was better than I expected. There are many bridges and classical music in this city. You can also buy a t-shirt on which you can see the words ‘Czech me out’.

Denmark is worth to see because of people smiling and its architecture around many channels. I didn’t see anywhere like Copenhagen where people are always smiling and happy. And I learned almost all the important streets very quickly in Copenhagen.

And it can be good to see the old architecture in France and Austria.

You can go to Hamburg, Germany to be closer to the harbour.

They are only my opinions about some cities except İstanbul. Because it is always my best with its bridges connecting Europe and Asia to each other. I like the feeling of being in two different continents.

We are living in a beautiful world.

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